Sustainable Wild Caught Seafood.

We hail from Terrebonne parish which literally translates to “good earth”.  Our goal is to share our rich history of living off the land and bring the best seafood available to our clients.


Fresh from the fisherman, straight to you, our products are gathered and packaged with the utmost integrity.


Our seafood is gathered fresh from the waterways of South Louisiana. Home to one of America's largest fishing communities.


Quality isn't an option, nor is it something you should have to ask for. Here, quality is what you get from the catch to your table.



fresh Louisiana Gulf shrimp, headless with tails

Soft-Shell Crab

fresh soft-shell crab from the Louisiana marsh – Temporarily Unavailable


choose from a variety of different options!

Shucked Oysters

by the quart or gallon are available by order only


Vaccuum Sealed




Sustainably Harvested


Wild Caught in the USA


Never Farmed or Genetically Modified


Five Generations on Your Side

When you buy seafood from the Wild Cajun, there is more than meets the eye. Our quality products and southern hospitality service come from a long line of shrimpers. Five Generations of Cajuns means decades of expertise, and quite literally blood, sweat, and tears. When you get our seafood, you can taste the difference.

We believe that seafood should be caught from the waterways of the world. Not harvested from a pond. We believe that seafood shouldn’t have to travel across the ocean in a boat, sitting on ice for weeks. We believe that your seafood shouldn’t be loaded with chemicals and antibiotics.

We will continue to be stubborn in our ways by bringing you the best seafood—local, sustainably sourced, and unapologetically Cajun. We promise to always keep it wild.

We believe seafood should be good earth.

All of our seafood products come from Terrebonne parish all the way at the bottom of the boot.

Terrebonne literally translates to “good earth” at The Wild Cajun we will always bring you the freshest quality product, sustainably caught, from the waters of our bountiful south Louisiana.

Why People Love Us

The Wild Cajun consistently delivers the freshest and best quality shrimp I’ve ever had. I know how important it is to support our local USA shrimpers! I’m comfortable knowing they aren’t adding toxic fillers like foreign shrimp companies.

Chef Annie Greenslade - Dallas, Tx

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 The best quality seafood available in North Texas 100% freshness to perfection! 🦐🦀👍I have not tasted seafood this good since I left the brackish waters of Louisiana 20 years ago. 🦐🦀👑 

Maria - Fort Worth, TX

I have ordered from him several times and he is the best what he says he will bring he definitely delivers. He definitely brings Louisiana to Texas true Southern hospitality💯!

Chef Rodney Dabon- Fort Worth, TX

Common Questions

Can I pick up my order?

Yes! We offer pick-ups at multiple locations. Date, location and time will be provided upon order.

Where does my seafood come from?

Our seafood is sustainably harvested fresh from the waterways of Louisiana. Our dock is located on the banks of Dulac, Louisiana.

Have a Question?

Shoot us a message or give us a call with your questions and we will be happy to help you out!

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